Monday, August 31, 2009

here are my finished posters

Viscom I - Campus Poster Redesign

With the first poster involving Greek language classes, one of the main pieces of imagery I kept focusing on was a column. The column is something I associate with ancient Greece and the fantastic architecture of that time. I searched for imagery of columns and used one as a template in illustrator. After importing my graphic into indesign, I played with the type to echo the vertical lines of the column. A more ancient or grecian-looking font was used for the words "Ancient Greek". I added contact information and removed some unnecessary information.

For the second poster advertising the MO Hall Art Gala, I wanted to emphasize the idea of getting money for artwork. So the heading of my poster started with "art=$$$". This heading was supposed to intrigue those who saw it and make them read the rest of the poster. I created a simple paintbrush graphic in illustrator just to emphasize the artwork. I used various fonts and sizes to stress the important points while still keeping with all the important information.

I think the Greek poster was more successful in terms of imagery, text layout, and font choice.