Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 layouts for 1 photo

This time we got to chose a professional, unaltered photograph to base three layouts on. This is the picture I chose.

For the first spread I started with the article layout and found one titled "The Preservation Predicament". Since my picture is showing
various parts of the environment I wanted to focus on the ecosystem. The left side of this layout is focusing on the picture and the headline, while the right page is mostly text. I have some of the text starting on the right side with the picture. I want to add a pull quote, but I'm not sure where yet, so the green box is where it will be.

For the poster I found National Get Outdoors Day and decided to promote that. There isn't a lot of text so this layout will be simpler and I want to play around with color and placement of the image. This layout is still really rough, but I wanted to focus on getting a concept.

The last layout was the advertisement. Since my image is of the outdoors I wanted to advertise the activity of camping. I will potentially use a specific tent or camping gear company, but right now the text is just advocating getting outside to camp. I made breaks in the image that I was thinking about putting a headline in. Right now the text is echoing the image with the breaks, but I didn't mean for that to happen.

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