Monday, October 12, 2009

layout revisions

For the revision of the ad I wanted to do more of a colorful headline and have it incorporate the image better with the headline. I found another image that I want to compliment the initial one. The green and yellow/brown color I chose because they are colors found in the picture. This version changed a lot from the first one. I think it looks better but still needs a lot of work.

The article layout didn't change as much since the first one. I put in the colored bar at the top to incorporate more color from the photo and I fixed the pull quote. One of the fonts didn't carry over to the computer in the viscom lab so my pull quote didn't fit in the green rectangle.

Once again a font didn't transfer so my headline overran and threw off the whole flow of the poster, but you get the idea of the layout. I tried some new colors and found a picture of leaves. But I think I'm going to look for greener pictures since the date of national get outdoors day is in the summer.

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