Friday, September 25, 2009

2 new magazine spreads

I'm working on two new magazine spreads now. One deals with a hormone that could be an appetite suppression and the other deals with the dangers of foodborne illness. I like the topics of these articles better because there is a wide range of things that could be used for imagery. For the "How Safe?" article there is a very limited amount of text so I used a whole page for imagery. I even carried the image into the next page in order to connect the two pages together. I reflected the picture vertically and made the reflection more transparent than the original image. I think this was an interesting way to fill the page without it being one big image. Also I'm working on figuring out how to incorporate the intro paragraph into the left page. I tried to tie the heading into the picture by changing the color of the "o" to match a color in the image.

For the "Feeling Full" article I used an image of an empty bowl and spoon to go along with the idea of over-eating and the possibility of an appetite-suppressant. The two other colors I incorporated in the spread were taken from the image. I used the golden-brown color in the sub-header and on the sidebar and the blue-gray for the heading and the magazine section rule at the top. I spent a lot of time formatting the type before I presented it today. I think I want to try text wrapping around my image.

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