Friday, September 11, 2009

back to the drawing board

Since my first idea for the native american heritage month wasn't going to work I spent hours and hours trying to find a new direction to take the poster. I probably logged 4.5-5 hours formulating my idea and getting a rough idea down in the computer. I searched for a lot of native american imagery and came across native masks used in ceremonial dances and rituals. From there I thought of "unmask..." and got the remaining inspiration from the movie Pocahontas. I was looking up quptes from the movie and saw the phrase "new world" a lot so I came up with my concept: "Unmask the Mysteries of the New World". I found various pictures of american indian masks and picked one for the poster. I made it a duotone, and with the black and yellow it got a brownish, "native"-look. I also made various accents with the yellow color to tie it all together. The scan of this poster cut off a little bit of the white border, but you still get a sense of the overall flow of the poster.

For the second poster my first idea came much more easily and I probably spent 30 minutes coming up with a concept and accumulating words and imagery. Since the original TSODA dance poster had a dancer graphic on it I wanted to stray away from that and work with type only. I decided to incorporate many dance-related words in and put them all together. I started with the word dance in a large typeface and then used words such as "stomp", "twirl", and "step". I decided on a purplish color as my accent color. And right before I printed it out I added a large purple ribbon-like graphic behind all of the text to provide movement throughout the poster.

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