Wednesday, September 9, 2009

more illustrations/drawings= less quality

Over the labor day weekend I spent about 2-3 hours each day painting watercolor illustrations and matching line drawings. The two posted were actually the first two I did and they ended up being my favorites. I probably spent the most time on these too. As I went, I spent less and less time on the drawings and paintings and the end result lacked a finished look. With 20 pieces due overall I was more focused on trying to get them done, while managing other homework, than I was with providing 20 quality pictures.

I painted (and drew) a picture from my trip to Colorado last summer. I tried one of the techniques from the video we watched in class, using a candle to draw lines that when painted over would remain white. It was somewhat successful, but because I couldn't see the wax it was harder to draw the snow exactly as I wanted it. I enjoyed starting line drawings but it was harder to cover the paper area as quickly as it is with watercolor. I think this is also why it took longer. I'm excited for the next round of paintings because we get to mix the watercolor with the black ink.

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