Wednesday, September 9, 2009

getting a concept... blah

For the next viscom assignment we are redesigning a poster for the Native American Heritage Month. I spent a really long time trying to come up with a concept that wasn't stereotyping the Indian culture, but still got the message across for heritage month. I ended up comping up an design with the concept "Rooted in Tradition". I was playing around the idea of old trees and the roots of "heritage".

I had a really hard time deciding how the roots would be done for the actual poster and discovered in class today that I would need to be 100% sure if they were going to be a successful graphic. Because I'm not sure how to proceed, I've decided to start completely from scratch with a new concept and new imagery. I'm in the process of accumulating native american imagery and trying to spark some creative genius. Hopefully I have something awesome for class Friday.

In addition to a revised proposal for the native american heritage month poster, we're also redesigning a poster for the TSODA dance recital. I've been brainstorming for that too and right now I've just got a long list of words, phrases, and possible images. I plan on making significant headway tonight on both of these.

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