Wednesday, September 23, 2009

product illustration

I was pretty worried when we got the assignment about painting a realistic product illustration, but I ended up having fun doing it. I chose a pepsi can because I liked the new pepsi logo and I liked the typeface used. The approach I used for this illustration was the same as it was for the first one. I coated the illustration board with a mixture of matte medium, gesso, and water first and then painting on top of that. It was hard to pull out the really bright whites like the ones in the logo and the type so I used white gouache. For the background I just looked at the bright yellow gouache that I never actually use and decided to lay it in the background very watered-down like I would with watercolor. It dried to have kind of a fresh, fun look. I then added a blue color, which turned a bit greenish to go with the pepsi can itself. I'm pleased with the way it turned out because I really thought I would have major problems with painting something this specific and tight.

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