Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Viscom I - Poster Redesigns

For the next assignment I redesigned two posters, one dealing with German culture and the other advertising ceramics classes.

The concept I used for the ceramics classes was "Get your hands dirty". I thought that would draw people in to see what exactly was being advertised. My type layout was pretty structured, with implied line and Helvetica font. In order to offset the structure and also to go along with the "get your hands dirty" theme, I painted my hand and made a hand print, which I later scanned and worked into my image. I think the imagery pulled the piece together. Most people respond to imagery right away so I think it was a good choice to add the hand print.

The second layout, dealing with German culture, was a little more difficult to design. I went back and forth on various ideas, dealing with the German flag or the actually shape of Germany. I decided to layout the type similar to cities on a map of Germany. I used bullet points and a star to give the impression of a map. I header font I chose was somewhat stereotypical of Germany so as to make clear what I was advertising. I'd say this flyer isn't completely resolved but does make the even clear in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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