Monday, September 28, 2009

2nd revisions for food spreads

For the "How Safe?" article I moved aligned all of the text with the same column. I made the heading more connected instead of on two different margins. The lead in text was made green and I increased the font size to establish a sense of hierarchy between the heading, sub-heading, and body copy. I'm still trying to resolve where to put the picture caption.

I changed a lot of things for the "Feeling Full" article since the last time. I replaced the bowl and spoon with a dinner plate half empty. According to the colors in the photo, I
changed the key colors in the spread. I used brown and green. I also messed around with the heading to try and make it stand out more by making the word "full" larger and in a different color than the rest of the heading. Some changed I want to make for the final are moving the heading, sub-heading, and pull quote around. I also need to work with my image and possibly see about rotating it or using a different image.

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