Friday, September 18, 2009

stress layout revision

I changed a lot of the layout and found some new, high-res images for the magazine spread. I'm still sticking with a red color in the headline and on the block quote. I thought a brownish color would go well with the red so made the image on the right a tritone image with a red, yellow, and black. The image on the left page was cob'd and place in with a brownish background. I think the text is laying out nicely, but I still have to go in to fix widows, orphans, etc. I'm planning on keeping the headline spanning the full spread.

1 comment:

  1. OK, you have a lot of bad breaks, hyphenations, widows and orphans in your copy. Look it over and fix them. The red rule - run the rule across both pages as it is on the right page. Don't set the headline on the same edge as the rule (like the left side). Dangle the top edge of the photo (main full color image) from the bottom of the red rule. You need a larger margin left and right - text is too close to the edge of the page. Lastly, the brown image on the right page is too similar in gesture to the main image. Find a different type of "stress" image to compliment, not echo.