Thursday, September 3, 2009

more posters...

The first poster I redesigned dealt with the Truman Rock Climbing Club. The concept I went with was "Push to the Limits". This topic communicates the strength and endurance it takes to rock climb. In order to keep with the topic I drew a climber in between two rock walls in Illustrator. This image takes up most of the page and provides a lot of contrast for the text. I used a gradient mesh to achieve a jagged, rocky feel. The climber I drew breaks up the space well. I achieved good movement throughout the piece and I think the image definitely would draw in the viewer. By using a large graphic on the poster it automatically conveys what activity is being promoted.

The second poster was advertising a Latin Dance Party and Salsa Dance Lessons. The original poster was a little confusing because it advertised both events, but didn't tie them together. With my concept, "Don't get caught with two left feet", I wanted to show these two events as steps. The first step is to go to the dance lessons and the second is to show off the newly acquired skills at the latin dance party. I incorporated a dance step graphic to clearly convey the message of the poster. I think it was good to keep most of this design simple, while still getting a viewer's attention.

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