Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rapala ad- 1st version

The next assignment is creating a two-page spread Rapala fishing lures. This assignment is different than the previous ones because the text is more of an ad, than an article so it took me a while to get a layout going. This is still pretty rough, but I feel like I have a good start. I made the brand name the biggest part because in an advertisement the logo definitely needs to be seen or people won't remember what the ad was for. I put in an old fishing picture I found and put a thumbtack in it to make it seem more like it's up on a wall to go along with the title "How guys on bait shop walls get to be guys on bait shop walls". The lure I found is interacting with the text, which in an article I think wouldn't work as well, but for an ad I think it is an interesting way to use the imagery. And lastly I added an illustration I did for illustration class just to show that another image or illustration will probably go there.

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